We at North Bridge Secure are dedicated to providing our valuable users with a wide range of cost-effective solutions that improves their productivity and outflow. We offer a host of innovative yet practical hardware and software solutions to ensuring that your targets are not only met but your goals and aspirations are further elevated.

If your company is looking to improve the remote access implication offered to its human resource then our dedicated team has the right hardware and software solutions. With the installation and use of NetConnect and our Swiftpoint GT mouse, your company employees and staff alike will be able to easily access their specific physical or virtual Microsoft Windows environment or any published applications. This process is possible to carry out through the use of various smart devices, including iOS powered devices such as the iPhone, iPad, etc. Hence, the goal of the hardware component is to effectively integrate and configure with the software installed in your company in order to seamlessly integrate any typical desktop-based environment into a high-performance, productive and mobile workspace.

Our Swiftpoint GT mouse has the advantage of being completely compatible with any smart device, mobile management strategy, Cloud-based file sharing or Enterprise-based file sharing. Such software integration makes it much easier for any company to effectively incorporate a remote access based infrastructure as its main service model and make maximum use of an OPEX-based model. Hence, not does such seamless integration allow a company to ensure maximum productivity through its human resource but it also enables a company to effectively cut back on its operational costs in the long-term.

So how does it all come together you ask? The deployment and integration of NetConnect and our Swiftpoint GT mouse is very simple to understand and time-saving to deploy. Although the remote access solution requires a few tweaks and modifications towards a company’s local network but the easy-to-use software and hardware means that a company does not have to train its employees and staff. It is no secret that training your human resource is a major cost factor for any company, so our solutions ensure substantial savings for a company. The system will require the interactive involvement and effort of your company’s Information Technology team or department. The main requirements for installing the system include a NetConnect gateway involving a CPU, 4GB worth of RAM and a hard drive with a minimum capacity of 40GB. The system also requires a fixed public IP Address in order to integrate the software and hardware. The smart devices involved in the system can either be iOS operated or Android-based, including both smartphone devices and laptop devices. Finally, the last hardware component is NetConnect compatible Swiftpoint GT mouse that can be purchased directly from a licensed Northbridge reseller across the country.

If you too want to find a suitable remote access solution for your company then connect with us now and elevate your goals and targets to a different level. We promise to make it worth your time! Check this link https://northbridgesecure.com/solutions/new-ways-of-working/ to find out more details.

Here Is How Our Swiftpoint GT Mouse Seamlessly Integrates To Form An Effective Mobile Workspace